GTA5 Money Lobby



Infos about me and the the money lobby!

The money lobby will open when ever I have the opportunity to host one. After you entered my Discord server, you can write to zweiKnecht whenever you want, but expect some waiting time. It shouldn't take me to long to answer your request, but keep in mind that I live in Germany and there may be another time zone in your country. If you are spamming me with requests or anything else, I will block you, and ban you from the Discord. If you want to join the GTA 5 Money Lobby Chat, please write a short message to Smily A**hole#7769 to ask for the role!

I do two kinds of money lobbies, the free one and the premium one. In the free one I'll drop you money for about 15 minutes which should give you round about 2 million GTA dollar. In the premium one I'll drop you money for about 100 minutes, which should give you round about 20 million GTA dollar, but it would cost you a fee of 5 Euros.

What to do to get into the money lobby!

Join my Discord server to get more information and to text me. After you entered the server, send me a DM at zweiKnecht #4283 with a message that contains your interest about the money lobby. And that you have read the rules and accepted them (listed below), or else you will not be allowed to enter the drop lobbies that are hosted, and breaking them will result in you being banned from the server and future participating. After I answered your request send me your social club name, after a short while I will add you and you should then proceed to accept my Social Club friend request. After you've been accepted, proceed to join my lobby, go into passive and come to the airport for the dropping to start.

Rules that require to be accepted and followed when you turn up for the money drop:

- Expect to get a lot of alerts Rockstar about failed transactions, those are normal and don't freak out about them. Just keep spamming enter!
- Enable passive mode.
- Do not transfer money to your bank.
- Do not spend the money (until we're done dropping and you've proceeded to change to another server)
- Do not report any players.
- It is not my responsibility if you get banned, that is a risk you have to take.
- Do not write anything in the ingame chat about me modding.